Copy of About Kelsey


Hi there! My name is Kelsey Elle and I'm a 34-year-old content creator and small business owner. I started Kelsey's Crystals in February of 2021 as a way to connect people with beautiful crystals and encourage a deeper relationship with self. 



In 2012, my husband passed away by suicide and the years to follow were spent trying to regain my footing and establish a new normal for my life. After throwing myself into my work as a graphic design manager in Washington, D.C., I could no longer ignore my inner desire to do something different. I felt a burning need to escape and explore.



The beauty industry was always an interest of mine after having spent two years making beauty videos on Youtube during my college years. So...I uprooted my life and relocated to Los Angeles, CA where I worked as a makeup artist and esthetician. 



While I worked on some really cool projects and met some really great people, I was constantly overcome with fear. I compared myself to other people and developed an unhealthy inner narrative telling myself I wasn't good enough and I didn't belong in spaces with other creatives and entrepreneurs. That limiting belief followed me for five years. As a result of my unaddressed fear, ongoing grief, and difficulties living in a new city, I searched for comfort in unhealthy relationships that only perpetuated my issues. 

Journaling has long been a way for me to express my deepest thoughts and fears. Yet it wasn't until I connected with crystals that I felt compelled to revisit my journal entries weeks, months, and even years later. That level of reflection opened me up to see the cycle of negativity that I was stuck in for way too long.



This realization set me on a path of self-improvement and spiritual healing. This space is where I not only get to work with beautiful crystals, but also with beautiful people. I am passionate about sharing my story and key takeaways in life through content creation on my YouTube channel and Instagram account to show people that no matter what challenges come in life, we each possess the skills and abilities needed to forge a beautiful path forward—we simply need to adopt habits of reflection, self-awareness, and productivity in order to come out on the other side. 


I believe that crystals, in many ways, can assist us with just that. 


With Love,